We are officially well into the winter season, and that means more time bundling up and enjoying the little comforts of home. Today’s Tig Tunes is that perfect playlist to spin while you gaze at the snowflakes gently falling outside your window, or are just looking to indulge in a moment of well-earned respite. Play it while you catch up with a friend, start a new book, or are just investing in some good ol’ fashioned you time. It’ll help turn those winter blues into some high-quality chill time that you can only get when the weather outside is frightful, but the ambience is oh-so delightful.

This track has a way of just making us sit back and relax. It will help you start to loose track of time, and fill your space with restorative vibes.

This classic tune is an adorable collaboration between two crowd favorites. Happy and sad at the same time, it gives such a nuanced yet simple voice to the chilliness of the season.

Don’t get us started with Regina Spector; her discography is simply the best. This relatively lesser-known ditty of hers is a true gem that will pick you up if you find yourself with a minor case of the winter blues.

Every now and then you stumble upon an artist that totally sweeps you away, and that’s precisely what happened to us with Iron & Wine. This folk duo’s acoustic number is the audial equivalent of a pair of super comfy slippers or a hot cup of cocoa.

This lovable tune feels all the more appropriate with its allusion to the constantly sparse sunlight of wintertime. It keeps us mystified with its beautifully harmonized vocals and seemingly effortless instrumental accompaniment.

An oldie but a goodie, this song reminds all of us who live in colder climates that there is still a paradise out there, somewhere! (To all you L.A. ladies, we tip our trapper hats to you.)

Images via: NWNatives, Michael Matti, One Brass Fox, NorthernWayofLife, Barishasanbedir