Sending you some tunes to set the tone for a playful and chill weekend. It’s summertime and all we ‘wanna do is have some fun,’ ‘chillin out max and relaxin all cool’ – annnnd evidently create a hodge podge of favorite song lyrics while crafting this post. Enjoy the weekend vibes, friend! Cheers to nothing but good times!

Great beat, killer voice, perfect tune.

Inspired by the way the artist feels when he watches a beautiful sunset, this is my current favorite song. It’s sexy and sweet at the same time; the perfect ambient tune

.Awesome beat that just makes those little shoulders shake.

My favorite version of world music – where Brazilian beats meets American soul.

Such a beautifully grounded voice and fantastic lyrics that land deep

.Love this and love love her. The coolest new artist is officially on our radar. Far too many dance parties have been had by us with only this song on repeat

.Still one of my all time favs. Just groove to it

!The song that makes you want to dance – anytime, always.

 Images via: Flat 15