As Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping magazine, Jane Francisco’s schedule is undoubtedly jam packed. Lucky me to be able to sit and chat with her on my most recent trip to NYC, catching up about my recent shoot for the mag, and trading stories about our favorite spots in Toronto and the Big Apple. (When the overlap of favs becomes the norm, you know that the conversation is going well.)

Between her son being named, “Gray” (easily one of my most beloved names of all time), and her relaxed demeanor and open nature, this easily went from a Tig Talk to a Tig tete-a-tete. Between moments of girl talk, we took the time to actually get some work done, planning more fun to come for The Tig x Good Housekeeping, and I picked her brain a bit to find out what makes her tick. Thanks for Tig Talk-ing with me, Jane. See you soon! xx

My nickname is: Chief; it's the only thing that anyone calls me. Or Boss.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: It’s probably device-oriented. I usually pick up my phone or something else as a way to wake myself up, because if I can get my brain engaged then I probably won’t go back to sleep. Even something a simple as looking at Pinterest makes me know it’s time to wake up.

I can't live without: The Turtle (the nickname for my son, Gray), and a car. I love driving. I love everything about driving - the actual experience and the feeling of knowing I can go anywhere.

If I had one week to escape: I'd probably do Tuscany, which is hard to do in a week, but I could either do that or Harbour Island. You have to go, it’s so special!

If I only had $10 in my pocket: I’m thinking food. For ten bucks I think I could get a little pulled pork taco with pickled something on it.

Everything tastes better with a little: Well, that’s a hard call; I would say any kind of chutney. Or plain ordinary ketchup. I had that kind of childhood - I love mayo and I love my ketchup.

Images via: NBC News, Good Housekeeping