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A Suitable Beginning

01 / 28 / 2015

I blew it. That’s what I said to my agent after my audition for a pilot called A Legal Mind. “I kept forgetting my lines, I was distracted, and I blew it. Which sucks because I really wanted this one. I really like Rachel.” But I blew it. I went... read on

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What do the delicate and doe eyed Abigail Spencer and I have in common? One could say that we both have brown hair & brown eyes. A fair and valid point. Or perhaps they would note that we are both actresses, and both work on “Suits.” True, indeed. But would you ever guess... read on

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Birthday Suit

08 / 04 / 2014

I am 33 years old today. And I am happy. And I say that so plainly because, well…it takes time. To be happy. To figure out how to be kind to yourself. To not just choose that happiness, but to feel it.  My 20s were brutal – a constant battle... read on

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Rachel Zane Hair

07 / 31 / 2014

While my hair off-camera is generally pulled into a low bun or tousled and flipped from side to side (a frenetic and self-conscious tick I adopted for moments I feel anxious, the onscreen Rachel Zane hair is something that leaves little room for insecurity. Her look is thoughtful and crafted. And thanks... read on

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Summer Reading List

07 / 14 / 2014

She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live. Annie Dillard hit the nail on the head with that one. Because whether it’s to escape, to inform, to inspire, or to just turn off the world while you sit by a pool, I love getting lost in... read on

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The Styling of Suits

06 / 18 / 2014

Am I wearing Tom or Nina for this scene? That’s Suits speak for the $5000 Tom Ford skirt I find myself wiggling in to, or the Nina Ricci cashmere and lace sweater that will be delicately peeled off of my body (so as to protect the perfectly pointed craftsmanship) after a... read on

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