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There is an undeniable charm to the artfully thriving streets of Venice, California. And far beyond a simple boardwalk stroll filled with people-watching, this Los Angeles enclave offers adventurers like us so much more to explore. Cue the best tour guide we could ever ask for, Shelley Kleyn Armistead, partner... read on

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There’s nothing quite like the chill of winter weather (cough, Stella, cough) to inspire that ever-present desire for tropical wanderlust. Today we’re journeying to the white sandy beaches of Anguilla with our trusty tour guide Nneya Richards, who knows a thing or two about making the most of any exotic vacay. So... read on

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Originally published February 4th, 2015. It wasn’t until filming the pilot for Suits that I began to know New York. And it wasn’t until a good year after that, that I began to know New York well. I found my nook. My downtown: a little grubby, a little rough around the... read on

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Today on The Tig, one of our favorite travel buddies is bringing us to a place that is oh-so historic and drop dead beautiful. We’ve called on our girl Nneya Richards before to serve us up an Insider’s Guide to Sayulita, but today she’s taking us through the streets and vineyards of... read on

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Insider's Guide to Bali

09 / 30 / 2016

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind destination for your next getaway, look no further than Bali, Indonesia. Known for it’s breathtaking beauty and mindfulness retreats, you will find no shortage of attractions here to keep you feeling refreshed, renewed, and grateful. To bring you the best of what this island... read on

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Insider's Guide to Boston

06 / 21 / 2016

In the past couple months I’ve spent a considerable amount of time devouring lobsters, running amok through the streets of Little Italy, and rubbing elbows with the locals in good ol’ Bean Town. Boston, Massachusetts, rich in American history, and layered with unique pockets of charm at every turn, has... read on

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