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Winter Wellness Tips

01 / 27 / 2017

The middle of winter is a time when it can be easy to forget about our bodies and the vital role they play in our lives. Somewhere in the chilly mix of it all we can find ourselves reverting to unhealthy habits, not realizing the great potential this season has... read on

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Partner Workout

11 / 02 / 2015

Few things make me happier than today’s post. It’s a series of exercises designed to do with your partner, yes – but the reason it brings me such joy is because it is curated by one of my best friends, Heather Dorak, and demonstrated with her long time beau, Matt.... read on

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If you live in LA, then you know Pilates Platinum (where actresses, Victoria Secret models, and every mom and friend in the neighborhood trains). There are four locations and they are owned and operated by one of my best friends, Heather Dorak. Born and raised in Texas, with a background in dance, Heather... read on

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