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anatomy of design

If you follow The Tig on Instagram, you know that #wanderlust is a sentiment that is rarely omitted from our list of daily desires. And whether we’re taking a trip across an ocean or just down the street, we know the value of a great travel bag. Enter the focus of... read on

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When we heard that our dear friend Abigail Spencer was teaming up with darling handbag makers Larsen & Lund to create the ASxLL Capsule Collection, we just knew it was going to be good. Between an amazing actress and mother who is always on the go, and a brand that prides itself on crafting all... read on

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Spring has sprung! Hip hip-oh-thank-you-I-need-sunshine-hooray! Storing winter boots and gearing up for shoes that let you wiggle your toes makes me want to jump for joy. When you’re choosing those next sandals, you should know that Aurora James is making shoes with a conscience; not only are her uber-wearable shoes... read on

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You may have heard about Kira Plastinina, the wunderkind designer a few years ago, who at the age of fourteen, created a fashion empire. Ten years later, she’s all grown up. Now at the age of 23, she’s not your average Columbia Business School student. Her namesake fast-fashion brand, Kira Plastinina,... read on

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Anatomy of Design: Kaelen

01 / 16 / 2015

Kaelen Haworth’s eponymous line is so masterfully and fluidly designed (clock the look I rocked for this shoot), you’d assume that Kaelen has been around for decades. Believe it or not, Haworth only launched her brand in 2011. But don’t take that to mean that Haworth is green when it comes... read on

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Anatomy of Design: Novis

12 / 03 / 2014

Jordana Warmflash is living every up-and-coming designer’s dream—her two-year-old brand Novis has already received countless accolades, she counts Taylor Swift as a fan of her retro-inspired dresses, and she’s accomplished all of this before her thirtieth birthday. We first noticed the New York City-based label as a cheery, brightly hued collection among the sea of... read on

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