The New Year is always a time ripe for personal reflection and rebirth, but as you’ve likely discovered, sometimes the best resolutions you can make are those you decide make for others. Today we’re giving you some go-to resolution tips from our very fav fitness friend Heather Dorak, who definitely knows a thing or two about living well. Carry these basic goals into the new year, and you’ll find positivity radiating from yourself onto others. Now that’s something to toast to!

From Heather

This coming new year, I challenge you to think outside of the box a little when it comes to choosing your resolutions. Sure, I absolutely want everyone to dedicate themselves to a workout regiment that works for them; one that keeps you on track all year round, without feeling like you have to add in three workouts a day sometimes to keep in shape (yeah, that is a bit overkill). But I also challenge you this year to add in some New Year’s resolutions that serve a bit more in generosity. Because, you see, the secret is – if you do good for others, it makes yourself feel good. And when you feel good, you want to treat yourself well. And when you want to treat yourself well, working out and eating healthy just falls into place.

So take a moment to think of things that would make other people feel good, something in which you would have to put some extra time and effort. And if you need some help thinking of things, I have three go-to’s that will probably do just the trick.

Write a Letter

With everything being so instant, there are certain things (like reaching out to a friend) that simply don’t feel as special anymore. I know Meghan would agree with me when I say that receiving a handwritten note makes a person feel special. It shows the time that someone spent thinking of another person and their love and appreciation, rather than just the two seconds it took to type out a text. They actually had to go to the store to get stationery, write the note, get stamps and put it in the mailbox.

A handwritten note is you in your rawest form. There is no chance to hit backspace and start over. You are committed to your thoughts and your gut instincts. Too many times we go back and erase thoughts as we are afraid to share them; a note is exactly what you are feeling and how you want to say it. Who cares if there are typos? The mistakes and scribbles are a sign that shows how excited you were to spill your thoughts out to them. I bet right now someone has come to mind as someone to whom you would like to write a note. Do it!


There are never enough volunteers to lend a helping hand. The beauty of volunteering is that it can be on a small scale, and the generosity of a volunteer is always appreciated. Think of places around your hometown that you could dedicate one night of the week or one day a month to offering your free time for a great cause. Some places I have volunteered for in the past were coaching a high school girls running group or volunteering to walk dogs at a local rescue. Doing something out of the kindness of your own heart is truly a sign of what type of person you are.

Are politics important to you? Dedicate your time to supporting something you truly believe will serve our nation better. Do you love the elderly? See if there is a retirement home where you can play games with the elderly (I can hear ‘BINGO’ being shouted out now)! Do you have a passion of the environment? Check out local or national programs to see what you can to do to help spread the word about environmental concerns.


My best learning and growing has come from traveling. Seeing the world from a new perspective is something you just can’t do from your own backyard. There hasn’t been a single trip where I have not learned or grown. And don’t think you need to travel across the ocean every which way and backpack your way across a foreign land. Traveling can be as little checking out a neighboring town, but really exploring and learning how the locals live there. When you open your mind up to others and their way of living, you are truly expanding your thoughts and challenging your own way of living.

When you spend your time doing something out of the ordinary or something to expand your mind, it creates positive energy for the soul. When your soul is happy, you become mentally and physically happy. And when you are mentally and physically happy, the rest will all fall into place. So outside of listing your workout goals for your New Year’s resolutions, really think about something that could be holistically beneficial to your life and, more importantly, all those around you.

Images via: Heather Dorak