It was just a few months ago that I was invited to NYC to celebrate Glamour’s 2016 Top Ten College Women of the Year – an event, and an honor, that I was personally moved by. Why, you ask? Because being in a room of empowered young women and hearing their strong voices, bold ideas, and acknowledging their intellectual prowess was unmissable. They are the next generation of female leaders, so singing their praises was top priority. Plus, if this whole acting and blogging thing doesn’t work out, I’ll be looking to these phenoms for a job one day.

Lucky me to arrive and be paired with the dynamic Crystal Valentine - the Bronx-raised, spoken word genius, and 2015 New York City Youth Poet Laureate. Crystal, along with nine other outstanding women, inspired me beyond words. I mean…just when you think you’ve accomplished something in your life, sit a room with these gals. You’ll feel both humbled and energized to effect change.

All this week, these fabulous femmes are taking over The Tig, sharing advice, and waxing poetic on matters of consequence. To kick it off, enjoy the lyrical wizardry and social manifesto from my dearest Ms. Valentine. Bravo, ladies! Who run the world? Girls.

Images via: Winnie Au (Glamour), WWU, MM, DailyBeast, YouTube