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Best Bite

If you’re in need of some comfort food that will both fuel your body and warm your soul, look no further than today’s delectable Best Bite recipe from certified health and wellness coach, Neda Varbanova. This vegan sweet potato and white bean dish delivers all the goodness of a hearty, creamy soup without... read on

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Spelt Anzac Biscuits

10 / 26 / 2016

When we recently crossed paths with fellow foodie and web entrepreneur Nicole Joy, we knew it was meant to be. (Just to give you a hint, her two books are titled, Why It’s Perfectly Acceptable to Eat Dessert for Breakfast and Life’s Too Short for Diets. Yup, you got us.) A... read on

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It’s October, which means it’s also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And while there are countless ways you can contribute to the cause, you may be surprised that partaking in a simply scrumptious four-course dinner is one of them. That’s exactly what Fig & Olive is offering at all of it’s restaurants around the... read on

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One of our favorite things about the changing seasons is, naturally, all the new food we get to sink our teeth into. And as it gets to be more and more chilly outside, the demand on our tummies for warm, comforting dishes is only growing stronger. So today we’re sharing with you... read on

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Pumpkin Fondue

09 / 25 / 2016

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this may be my favorite recipe of all time. A bold statement, indeed. Why, you ask? Because it’s equal parts satisfying, indulgent, shareable, and perhaps the easiest thing you’ve ever made. Plus it’s crafted by Ruth Reichl -  food... read on

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Yeah, sure, kale, we know. From salads to popsicles to Beyonce’s T-shirt, kale has seemingly taken over. And I’m bored with it. Or at least I thought I was. Then I had a taste of this flavor-filled iteration of our roughage regular from my new gal pal, Anastasia, and my faith in said... read on

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