Today, resident Tig fitness guru, who also happens to be one of my very best friends, Heather Dorak, shares her tips on perfecting the relaxed workout look. As a native Angeleno, the idea of tank tops and leggings has become a bit of a uniform taking me from a requisite Pilates Platinum class to a casual lunch. But there is an art in ensuring you still look polished and not full on schlubby. Today, my sweet and stylish Heather tells us how.

From Heather

The idea of wearing workout clothes all day has always been my best kept secret. As an entrepreneur running four Pilates studios, I never know what my day will entail. And with working out being a priority for me, spending the whole day in workout clothes has always been my best strategy to getting a workout in. Whenever I get a moment, I am already ready. The beauty of workout clothes now is that my best kept secret is, well, not so secret anymore. Workout brands have created pieces that can easily be worn throughout the day without looking like you are a sweaty mess that just stepped out of spin class. And let’s face it, sometimes we wear the clothes without ever working out in them that day, which is why there are important things to keep in mind when shopping for your athleisure look whether it be for a day of errands or working out.

Neutral Performance Fabrics

It is important to keep staple items in your closet that are made of performance fabrics that are quick drying, moisture wicking and odor resistant. The last thing you want is to step out of a workout and into a lunch date with someone catching an odor of you. Neutral pieces will help you mix ‘n match with ease and create a lot of fashionable pieces in which to strut around town. My favorite is taking a Vimmia pant that has neutral color blocking, adding a trendy “in season” piece to it, and pairing it with some sunglasses or a hat.

Dress for the Occasion

Just like any regular morning when you are deciding what to wear for the day, it is important to keep in mind what you have to do that day. Looking completely sporty in your attire may not be the best idea if you have a business meeting with people dressed in suits. But working athletic clothing into a look that is suitable for a business meeting is still possible. Pair solid leggings with a longer, dressier shirt; curl your hair; add some heels and you’re golden. Also, some nice jewelry helps any outfit step it up a notch or two. On the other hand, if you spend a day at the beach and want to pop into a farmer’s market on the way home, just slip on a cover up that is more of a dress; my personal favorite is from Carbon38.


Fashion is not just for your daily wear. Workout clothes are now a fashionable style. There is no longer the urge to run into the locker room before leaving the gym just to change your clothes because of the embarrassment that your workout clothes are just plain not cute; it’s not a problem anymore. With more and more brands emerging every day, fitness officially has its own fashion and crossover appeal, where the term, “Athleisure,” has developed. Even if you are dripping wet after a spin class, your clothes make you look good – not just in spin class, but on the streets, too. Sweat NSK has a great collection of workout attire that fits the athleisure bill seamlessly.

Layer for Most Comfort

If you prefer to just wear a sports bra for your workout, or if you want to shed off the top layer of sweat, keeping a loose fitting shirt or sweatshirt on hand to throw on to finish your errands is essential, since you are out and about already. You’ll be comfortable, feeling less sweaty and feeling great about tackling a few more things in your day without rushing home to change first. These layers also make cuddling more enjoyable; even if the cuddle is just with yourself, you are sure to feel your most comfortable with some of my favorite pieces like joggers from Free People and a loose zip up from Alala.

Images via: Heather Dorak