If you follow The Tig on Instagram, you know that #wanderlust is a sentiment that is rarely omitted from our list of daily desires. And whether we’re taking a trip across an ocean or just down the street, we know the value of a great travel bag. Enter the focus of today’s Anatomy of Design interview, Legend of Lido. This fashionable and charitable travel-all line started by besties Benita Litt and Krista Lissner is pinned as the ultimate collection for the global nomad, and with a portion of their profits going towards a different global cause every year, we can’t help but feel totally on board. Bon voyage!

The Inspiration

What made you want to design travel carryalls?

My business partner, Krista, and I love to travel. Yet we could never find the perfect travel bags for our trips.  We wanted something fun and whimsical, yet durable and affordable. We wanted to mix and match different prints and colors depending on our mood, outfit and destination. So, we created Legend of Lido as the ultimate brand for the global nomad, a collection featuring original artwork printed on travel-inspired carryalls for everyday use. We also care deeply about giving back, which is why we also focus so much on our community and our partnership with Dinating in particular. It’s a charity that allows you to feed others while feeding yourself. With Dinating, we put on dining events inspired by global cuisines and cultures much like our products. These events allow our clients to travel the world through cuisine. Each dollar we raise through Dinating helps to feed a family, furthering our belief that our business can do a small part in helping the world.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

Our greatest inspiration usually comes from traveling to a new place and uncovering its soul, which is usually sprinkled throughout the locale, from its stores and famous museums to its local food vendors and street artists. We also love places that are rich in color as showcased either in the architecture or natural beauty; many of these vibrant colors directly influence our print selections. When we design our prints, we try to capture the fun and whimsical feeling of seeing a city for the first time. For example, our Wanderer Pouch in Sunset was inspired by our love of Central American textiles, often sold in central markets in Mexico in thick stacks. The design of the bag is an ode to the history and the rich heritage that these textiles represent mixed with the vibrants colors of the sunsets we enjoy in Southern California. We hope our products will inspire those who carry them to be curious and bold in their own world.

The Collection

What do you consider your signature piece, and why?

Our signature piece is our large pouch, The Wanderer. It was our first design, and also our most needed and practical. We added a handmade leather wrist strap so it can be used on its own as a purse or thrown into a larger bag for storage. From there, we grew our collection to include a smaller pouch, a unique folding tote bag, a travel dopp kit, and many other travel-inspired carryalls.

Can you explain the design process behind a Legend of Lido bag?

Every bag is designed from an exotic, one-of-a-kind print inspired by a different place. We search through thousands of prints and listen to many stories until we find a print that inspires us with its vibrant colors and whimsical essence. We also edit many of the Pantones in each print so that our prints play nicely with one another. The end product enables our customers to be creative in their own way by mixing and matching colors and prints within the collection. Once we select a print, we then live with each carryall for a few weeks to be sure it embodies the brand.

Describe Legend of Lido in three words:

Whimsical. Bold. Curious.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as entrepreneurs?

Krista and I come from different backgrounds. I was an intellectual property attorney who worked with celebrities and entrepreneurs to help shape and protect their ideas and Krista was a sales executive in the publishing industry. As first-time entrepreneurs, we often have moments of doubt filled with moments of great excitement and passion. We see these internal questions as evidence that we’re pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones to create something we are proud of. We also struggle with balancing our time between family and work, both of which are very important to us as we each have small children and love to spend time as a family. So far, it always seems to work itself out. We also have a tremendous amount of mutual respect for each other. We bring different assets to our company. We celebrate each other’s strengths and we are honest about our weaknesses.

What is the advice you would give to those hoping embark on an entrepreneurial pursuit?

Don’t overthink your pursuit.  If there’s a product you want but can’t find, then lots of others probably feel the same. Just get started. We’ve always heard that the majority of entrepreneurial failure comes from lack of execution – and we believe that!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve often heard you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, and I believe this adage applies to work as well. If you work with good people, you’ll grow as a person, which will shine through in the product and community you create. That is what we hope others feel when they carry a bag from Legend of Lido.

Images via: Legend of Lido